Cellar Door

The Eagles Rise cellar door is a lovingly restored 1880′s sunday school house, perched high on the hill right next to the vineyard and winery and commanding views all the way into Geelong. The old building was in the middle of a housing development in the Bannockburn township in 2005 and was about to demolished when it was rescued. The outer asbestos sheeting, internal laminate lining sheets and deep mustard carpet were removed to reveal all the beauty of the original timbers. It has become the unofficial historical society for the community, with the baltic pine wall adorned with many historical photos, and other artifacts from schooling 130 years ago.

There are Eagles Rise embossed professional wine tasting glasses, and a wide selection of ‘Olds’ Cool’ boiled lollies. The ‘Pro-tasting’ glasses are used for flights of wild ferment and cellar aged wines showcasing depth and strength of wines across many years, including ‘vertical’ sampling of a single variety over several years, and ‘horizontal’ sampling of a single variety fermented different ways in a single year.

The location, vista and tasting experience have elevated Eagle Rise to arguably the regions most attractive and rewarding wine tasting settings for novices through to serious connoisseurs.

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