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Past customers will remember the Eagles Rise Wine, Single Man Wine and Wild Wine labels as part of the portfolio of multi medal winning wines made by Erica & David Dillon at their gorgeous property in Russells Bridge Bannockburn Geelong from 1995 until they sold up and retired at the end of 2018. Although they no longer have a cellar door tasting facility, they do have select stock from past vintages.

For over 23 years, under the watchful gaze of a pair of graceful wedge-tail eagles, the Eagles Rise vignerons pursued sustainable agricultural practices and pruned and harvested the vines by hand. These methods, along with traditional low intervention indigenous yeast winemaking, ensured the regional and varietal integrity of the wine was retained. While the conditions are tough, the resulting wines are uniquely rewarding.

Single Man Wine (& yet to be released Single Lady Wine) pay tribute to the solo small operator doing the hard yards the traditional way to bring you a unique hand-made wine experience. Its about a single business owner who buys a piece of land and plants their own vineyard, then hand prunes and hand harvests’ the grapes into a single batch wild ferment wine. They design their own wine labels and handle their own sales and distribution. For them, it’s about valuing tradition and individuality, at realistic prices.

Many customers likewise relate to this business model, as artisans, trades and professionals who spend most of their days running every aspect of their own business and mostly working alone.

In some parts of the world 11 November or 11/11, is known a Singles Day. It is a day when single people celebrate their personal achievements in life and business, and often splurge on the best food and wine they can afford – for one day. Single Man Wine & Single Lady Wine have become part of that celebration of success.


From the Single Man Wine Label – almost Vegan friendly (there may be approx. 1 drop of skim milk per bottle used in fining)

2017 Pinot Grigio             Bannockburn – Geelong               

This delicately fragrant Pinot Grigio is made for sharing chilled with friends and food. It is crisp and refreshing with lightly lemon-citrus flavours. It has the capacity to cut through any oil in Asian or Italian influenced foods and leave a clean lingering finish. 13.2% Alc/Vol

2017 Pinot Gris                Bannockburn – Geelong                

This aromatic Pinot Gris is made for sharing chilled with friends and food. Its crisp apple and pear nuances with hints of spice, match beautifully with French inspired foods and as a foil for creamy sauces, to leave a clean lingering finish. 13.9% Alc/Vol


From the Eagles Rise Wine Label – Vegan friendly

2017 Pinot Noir                Wild Wine           Bannockburn – Geelong      

Our Pinot Noir entices at first sight, and once you take in the fragrant ripe cherry and underlying dark berries you are hooked. The elegant mouth feel from the wild ferment is round, evenly balanced with varietal flavours and well weighted through the subtle oak structure. The spice and fruit combine to complement duck, pate or goat cheese tart. 13% Alc/Vol

2017 Syrah (Shiraz)          Wild Wine           Bannockburn – Geelong      

This elegant Shiraz is fragrant, spicy and medium bodied typical of the cool climate. It’s made the old-fashioned way using indigenous wild ferment yeast. With an enticing spice aroma offering a palate of blackberry and chocolate fruit combined with subtle peppers and liquorice, it’s a worthy match with pink lamb, prime steak, or Italian dishes. 13.8% Alc/Vol

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon   Wild Wine     Bannockburn – Geelong       

Our opulent Cab-Sav exhibits both the strong characteristics of our red soil over limestone site, and subtleness of its natural wild yeast fermentation. Aromas of dark fruit, blackberry, tobacco and dried herbs. The palate is full, rich and lingering with the soft spicy tannins and quality French barrels apparent. Enjoy with a Stout pie, lamb shanks or a cheese platter. 13.7% Alc/Vol

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Under the Liquor Control Act 1998 – It is an offence to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years (penalty exceeds $18,000), or for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor (penalty exceeds $700).  Someone 18+ must be at home at delivery.

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